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Exclusive Bridal Mehndi Designs Images For This Wedding Season

Mehndi is an art preserved from a long time as a tradition. Although women put Bridal Mehndi Designs on their hands on various occasions, marriage is the single most pivotal occasion when brides are fond of Mehndi. Some people consider it as a tradition or ritual, on the other hand, some people love this art.

Additionally, it is said that henna a very important part for a bride to enhance her beauty on her wedding day. Now a day, a bride who put Mehndi on her hand is a less fuddy-duddy and it is more about aggrandizing her beauty. Designs and patterns of Mehendi have changed a lot with time.

There are mainly two types of designs:

  1. Bigger floral forms
  2. Finer and smaller floral patterns

It can be found in various colors such as black and red. Some people practices mixer of different types of henna to try innovative colors. The bigger floral designs are generally Arabic styles and finer forms and figures are Indian styles.On a wedding day, brides prefer finer floral designs as it looks elegant and beautiful.

How Important Bridal Mehndi Designs Images is for a Bride on Her Wedding Day?

Mehendi depicts a love and bond between the bride and groom. There are some beliefs in Indian culture that the color of Henna signifies the understanding between the bride and groom. Moreover, it is also known that darken the color, deeper the love between bride and groom. It also avers the auspicious relationship between them.

Wedding day is the most important day for any girl. How does she look is the single most concern for her? Everything which is included in dressing such as ornaments, attires etc , Henna glorifies the beauty of a bride along with all of these. It is not considered less than vital ornament for her.

Different Types of Henna Patterns for Hands and Feet

  1. Indian Mehndi DesignsThis type of forms and figures is filled with fine flowery patterns. Every Indian woman picks this design for any occasion generally.
  2. Arabic Mehndi Designs : This design is define by bigger patterns. Girls who are not fond of complex and fine forms and figures go with these designs. These designs are bigger and with spacing in them. It certainly looks sophisticated.
  3. Pakistani Mehndi Designs : Pakistani figures and forms are very neat and fine. These too are complex designs.
  4. Indo-Arabic Henna Patterns : It is a mixer of Indian designs and Arabic arts. It includes fine and bigger curves and arts in an exclusive manner.
  5. Moroccan Henna Designs : Moroccan Mehndi figures and patterns are Middle East continent Mehendi arts. These figures and forms have less to do with flowers and more with geometric designs.
  6. Glitter Mehndi : In recent times, people use glitter to intensify their designs and to make it explicit.
  7. rajasthani mehndi designsAs we all are aware about the fact that this ancient art form was introduced by marwaris, rajasthani Mehendi figures and patterns are very neat and fine one. In this kind of design, all the curves and pattern is clear.
  8. Bridal Mehndi Patterns : These designs are the one, which we can consider as a mixer of all the types. Fine detailing and numerous flowery and various kind of patterns are the important part of it. Basically, a continuous design without spacing in between them is the essential theme.

There are two types of Bridal Mehndi designs:

  1. Traditional Patterns : These patterns are basically ones which were introduced in past. These are simple and neat.
  2. Modern Patterns : These figures and forms are getting more complex with time. People are innovating new variety of figures and patterns. Such kinds of figures and forms are getting more floral and attractive.

If we consider the shapes and patterns in it then there are plenty of curves which can be seen in it. Artists draw flowers, animals (elephant, horse, etc), pattern of bride and groom, geometric shapes etc. In modern designs, they are creating more fascinating shapes, which were not there in past.

Mehndi Ceremony

Indian wedding has a tradition to celebrate Mehendi ceremony before a wedding day. Generally it is a day when a bride put on Henna on her hands and feet. However, it is a custom to celebrate that ritual with astonishing performances where relatives take a part and make it memorable for a bride.

 Fun Facts about Mehndi on Bride’s Hands

There is a tradition in an Indian wedding to find groom’s name in bride’s Mehndi. If groom can find it in Mehndi then it is said their connection and marriage life will last long and the understanding between them is very deep. Therefore, we can understand that Mehendi plays a significant role for a bride on her wedding day.

How to Create a Henna Composition for Bridal Mehndi?

  • Take required amount of henna powder in a bowl.
  • Use strained lemon juice or bottled lemon juice.
  • Mix the water with the one third amount of lemon juice.
  • Pour this mixture the bowl and mix it until becomes even.
  • Now fill this mixture in a cone shape plastic.
  • Mehndi is ready to design any bride’s hand.

If one is looking for creating different colors and forms of Henna then they can use extra ingredients apart from mentioned above. Do not forget to take precaution while choosing the henna powder. It is very important to pick a good quality powder.


I hope that above mentioned details and facts about Mehndi for bride will help you. On this wedding season, brace yourself with new and exciting Henna figures and patterns. Get ready to make a wedding memorable with new fashioned and stylistic Mehendi forms and figures.