Dots Rangoli Designs



We have collection of latest Dots rangoli designs for Indian festivals and other traditions. Rangoli plan with dots is simple to draw for amateurs. It is an effective approach to draw rangoli with regulated points . Using dots will help you to draw an immaculate rangoli outline quickly with no slip-ups perfectly healthy and plan. In any case make the dots with a chalk on the floor and use them to guide you to draw the curlicues and illustrations. Fill the lines with shaded powders or grinded rice paste to get a decent design.

Rangoli design is portrayed as a drawing. The design is an extremely summed up kind and can be found in any sort of houses. Rangoli designs with dots patterns make for new year and Indian festivals. The course of action of this rangoli is distinctive contrasted with the typical direct game plan. The dots after the first line are set in such a route, to the point that every dot lies beneath however between the two dots of the past. There are different rangoli types like Flower rangoli, Salt rangoli, Powder rangoli and more. The dots are joined well to make examples like shells , petals ,leaf and so on to make it look decent.

Dots or Dotted rangoli require few steps to draw simple and latest rangoli.

step by step 2X2
Step by step 4X4
Step by step 6X6
Step by step 8X8

Small rangoli with dots

Since we utilize just four dots these can be termed as simple rangoli designs with dots . Most likely we can attempt some outline with three dots likewise and that would be small scale rangoli designs.

Dot Rangoli here is drawn utilizing white rock powder. This sort of a kolam rangoli designs can be seen drawn outside south Indian families. This sort of configuration may look complex yet in the event that we see nearly , it is the reiteration of little dots rangoli designs kolams which are connected together by awe-inspiring examples in the middle. To give the general rangoli plan a completed look , breathtaking diagram has been drawn enveloping the five kolams inside.