Pakistani Mehndi Designs Images – Get latest collection of Pakistani mehendi designs Pattern 2017

Traditional Pakistani Mehndi Designs For Special Occasions

Pakistani Mehndi Designs has also been an intrinsic part of Indian traditions since time immemorial. It may also be noted that Mehndi is referred to as Henna around the world. Indian weddings include a Mehndi ceremony; where in Mehndi is applied on the bride’s hands and legs, a day before the wedding, and she is not allowed to step out of the house post the function.By the wedding day, the henna color develops, and the brides look beautiful along with their dresses and matching jewels.

The celebrations of Indian festivals such as Diwali and Karva Chauth include Mehndi application. But the special significance is attached to Mehendi where Indian marriages are concerned, within the social and cultural context.

Mehndi forms and figures have developed over the years. Earlier, the bridal Mehndi designs were filled, but the styles are different now a days,due to the influence of popular Mehndi artists. The hands and legs of ladies can look beautiful with Mehndi forms and figures. A wide selection of Mehndi designs is available for them to choose from.

Mehndi designs have also gained popularity in Pakistan. Through the years, they have become such a rage that Pakistani Mehndi patterns and figures are now synonymous with Pakistan’s cultural diversity. During festivities in Pakistan, the ladies remain eager to have their hands and legs decorated with Mehndi forms and figures. There are two types of Mehndi that are applied under this category. Normally, black Mehndi is used for the outlines, and red Mehndi is chosen for the inner patterns. The choice of Henna color can be made after taking into consideration the skin color.The Pakistani ladies widely use Black Mehndi for the floral and Arabic designs.

A mix of Arabic and Indian Mehndi Designs, Pakistani mehndi designs are applied by brides during their marriages and is considered propitious. During weddings, the brides prefer red-colored Henna, as it enhances their look when they adorn their wedding dress and jewelry. According to Pakistani traditions, the bride is not given permission to do any housework, after the marriage, until the Mehndi color does not fade.

There is a lot of detailing and intricacy associated with Pakistani Mehndi designs Images and for this reason, the application of Mehndi Henna patterns is time-consuming. Also, the designing comprises of fine fill-ins and few spaces.

The ladies in Pakistan are also known to apply Mehndi, on festivals such as Eid. Mehndi forms and figures for the various occasions are known to differ. Also, there are specific designs for hands and legs. However, there are similarities in the mode of Henna application.

When Pakistani Mehndi designs images are viewed, several aspects are noticed, such as motifs and floral patterns. Some Eid-styled designs comprise of main motif, which is dot-shaped, in the middle of the hand, and surrounded by other simplistic designs. Some elaborate patterns that are considered appropriate for Eid and other rituals are also available.

Several Pakistani designs are suitable for all types of functions. These can be floral-patterned, which are applied on one side of the hand and then extend upwards towards the fingers.

During Pakistani weddings, the whole hands of brides are covered with Henna. Patterns, which are put on the bride’s hands, depict motifs that are considered to be intricate and appeal the eye. Flower patterns and colored crystals are contained in the designs that are seen on the legs of the bride.

Some Pakistani Bridal Mehendi forms and figures use Black Henna, and these patterns include floral motifs and geometrical shapes. Also, some of these designs resemble fish scales.

Pakistani bridal mehndi art require small detailing and a lot of shading.Also, peacocks can be depicted on the hands of the brides, and the name of the ‘husband-to-be’ is etched with Henna. Images of kings and queens are also drawnon the hands with Mehndi.

Floweryand leafy patterns of Mehndi patterns can also be selected for Pakistani marriage functions, and are preferred as they impart a stylish look. Mehendi designs of Pakistan can also be completed with mascara colors for a glossy look, and they involve blank lining designs. Simple leaf designs that require minimal detailing are other options of Mehndi art that are suitable for the ladies’ hands.

Mehndi patterns and figures that cover the palm or are depicted as bands on the wrist are other patterns that are grouped under the Pakistani category. Circular patterns that contain green coloring are also included under this group. Black Mehndi is also applied behind the palm area, and these depict floral motifs. Diagonally-shaped Mehndi patterns have also been designed for festivals including Eid. Shaded and detailed designs are also part of this Pakistani Henna collection.

During recent times it has been perceived that Arabic Henna patterns have started being incorporated into Pakistani varieties. These designs lend a distinctive look and are favored by the Pakistani brides.

Pakistani Mehndi Design art is known to accompany stone embellishments for uplifting the look. Contemporary Pakistani figures and forms cover the palm and fingers. Traditional jewels can be worn to accentuate the back of the hand.

Some of the henna figures and forms are simple, and can be made by beginners on their hands as well as feet. You will need to select a design of your choice, and then use a Henna cone; the henna can be applied. You can start with the easy patterns and figures, and then gradually progress to the advanced patterns. The dark instant chemical henna varieties are advised for the beginners to Henna application.

The proficient Mehndi artists can complete the intricate arts of Henna, and a salon can be visited for the purpose. Some henna artists also visit homes, when a large number of ladies require their services. Various websites depict Henna patterns and figures, and you can browse through the pages to make your selection. After that, a print of the chosen patterns can be taken for the artists to emulate.

The wedding season is approaching, and you can check the latest Pakistani forms and figures to make your selection. A variety of patterns such as parallel images, network or mesh work are available for choice. Flowers, leaves, paisleys and Peacock Mehndi Designs are popular motifs that can be crafted by hands using Mehndi. The Henna swirls and curls can be adorned with beads or crystals, for making the hands and legs look pretty.